Sky’s the Limit provides laptops to the youth who need them. 3967 computers placed to date! See pictures of our recipients.

STL’s first ever tech camp for the STEM club of Rexdale!

STL’S Executive Director, Caroline, and one of the camp attendees

Sky’s the Limit hosted it’s first in a series of tech camps for at-risk youth. The first camp was June 28th & 29th for Rexdale’s STEM club. 20 youth met with mentors and teachers to learn skills and be empowered in tech, and they each took home a laptop! These camps will help the youth reach their dreams of being: program developers, biochemists, physicists, oceanographers, computer engineers, surgeons, bio medical engineers, archaeologists, and many other ambitious things!
SLIDESHOW: STL’s first ever tech camp for the STEM club of Rexdale!

“Thank you so much for allowing me to have the opportunity to have a computer so I can have the ability to do much better in school. With the new computer I will be able to prepare presentations, research topics and create programs for my computer science class.”

Sky's the Limit

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