About Sky’s the Limit



Sky’s the Limit provides laptops to the youth who need them.

Every youth in Canada who needs a laptop has one.

Core Value
Sky’s the Limit provides services to all under-resourced youth regardless of race, gender, religious belief, ability or sexual orientation.

Recipients are marginalized and at-risk youth across Canada, including new immigrants, refugees, First Nations youth, women at risk, street-involved youth, youth with mental health issues and youth with disabilities. Our community partners across Canada help us to identify the youth in need. Additionally, youth may also be referred by teachers and guidance counselors, or principals through our online applications. Recipients receive a laptop as well as an orientation, mentoring, or training that ensures that they become familiar with how to use a computer and the Internet.

Active computer users can use technology to make a difference in their own lives, in the lives of their families, and their communities. When a recipient receives a computer from Sky’s the Limit their entire sphere of influence benefits. Younger siblings have the opportunity to practice their skills from an early age and parents have a chance to develop their skills, do research, or type a resume.

Sky’s the Limit also impacts the environment in a positive way. With the average life span of a computer in Canada being 5 years, we provide environmental benefits by ensuring that computer systems are reused and recycled so that they do not end up in landfill sites. Burning computers creates carcinogens and burying them contaminates the ground and water.