Message from the Founder

Lara Tavares

Lara Tavares

My name is Lara Tavares and I am the Founder and Honorary Chair of Sky’s the Limit Youth Organization (STL), a registered Canadian charity located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Passionate about technology and its importance in education, I felt it was my calling to offer a solution to the Digital Divide (the gap between people who have computers and those who do not and is based on the idea that what you learn is what you earn; those without access to computers are deprived of equal opportunities).

In 2004, I founded STL to give refurbished computers to under-resourced students whose parents or guardians would not otherwise be able to afford them. Targeting students in under-resourced areas, I worked hand-in-hand with other non-profit organizations to gain first-hand knowledge of which students required computers. When a student was identified as a potential recipient, I delivered a computer into his or her hands.

My goal is to increase donations so that eventually no student is in need. STL operates on the basis that active computer users can use technology not only to make a difference in their own lives but also in the lives of their families and in their community.

My vision and the mandate behind STL is that by providing students with access to computers, online resources and technology, today’s youth will be given the potential for enhanced success and a limitless window of opportunity to be whatever and whoever they dream of becoming. Thank you for your interest in Sky’s the Limit Youth Organization!

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