Blue Giant $500k+



A blue giant is extremely luminous and much like a lighthouse, they shine across great distances.  Even though blue giant stars are rare, they make up many of the stars we see at night because they shine so brightly.

Randstad Corporate and Social Responsibility



The Randstad Canada Charitable Foundation was established in 2008 to support organizations whose focus is the empowerment of individuals to reach their potential, and to provide emergency funding to those in critical situations.

Through the foundation, Randstad employees across the country are given the opportunity, both through financial generosity and volunteer commitment, to enhance and support various charitable organizations. Their employees become personally involved by assisting charities that, for example, focus on giving people the coaching they need to ace an interview, or those that make sure a child has a good breakfast, so they can go to school ready to learn. The aim of The Randstad Canada Charitable Foundation is to ensure that Randstad employees are able to see that their efforts are really making an impact, that it’s not just the donations they make, but the time and effort they spend, that can make a real difference.