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Here’s what some of our recipients have to say…
… thanks for giving me hope, because having a computer has now given me a wide variety of chances in life and I’ll also use it to help those who have been in my position of not having a computer.”


Thank you very much. I really appreciate the computer and it will really help me instead of going to the library to use the computers. This is a great advantage for me because I am in high school and they expect everything to be typed, not hand written.”

Thank you so much for allowing me to have the opportunity to have a computer so I can have the ability to do much better in school. With the new computer I will be able to prepare presentations, research topics and create programs for my computer science class.”

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People sometimes do not notice that the little things we do or even the things we say can have a big impact on peoples life and I just want to say that I’ll never forget what you’ve done because of your willingness to give. I also want to say thanks for giving me hope, because having a computer has now given me a wide variety of chances to encounter in life and also to use it to help those who have been in my position of not having a computer.”

I have been waiting for a computer for a long time. After my old computer was corrupted by a terrible virus, I could’ve bought a new computer but they were too expensive.”


I wish to send my sincere gratitude to you for offering various youth in Regent Park an opportunity to have computers and be able to join the advancement of technology. We will now be able to be at the same level with our colleagues at school and elsewhere. It is much appreciated.”

We love our new computer, we’re on it all the time!

Thank you for allowing me to get a computer to improve my computer awareness and expertise.”

”I feel more confident that I am able to do my projects on a computer.

Recipient Profile – Jason Londono
Jason LondonoFrom a young age Jason knew that he liked to build and fix things, so when he learned about the Mechanical Engineering Program at George Brown College he was quick to apply. Jason is now in his second year there and is working towards an Advanced Technologist Diploma. He is a hard working and dedicated student, which is reflected in his marks.

Jason says that the computer is the most powerful tool he has, and in Spring 2007 he received a laptop computer through a partnership between Sky’s The Limit and SKETCH. Since his primary focus is studying, he said his new computer has changed his life drastically. He has since uploaded a necessary computer assisted drafting design program for school, which means he is able to spend less time at school in computer labs. This has allowed him to better manage his time between his personal life and other interests.

Jason plans on graduating from George Brown in 2009, and then continuing his education at Ryerson in their Mechanical Engineering Program, which he hopes will help him secure a good paying job doing what he likes to do: designing, fixing, & building!

Sky’s the Limit’s primary target recipients are under-resourced youth (typically grades 9 through 12) whose parents/guardians, for whatever reason, are not able to purchase a computer for them. This group includes new immigrants, refugees, Indigenous youth, girls, street involved youth, and differently-abled youth.

Sky’s the Limit was saddened to learn that Jason passed away on August 27, 2012. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.